Hello! My name is Karly and I’m the girl behind the lens. I’ve been kicking around this earth for 24 years. I think photography is pretty rad. I also like: my fiance, wine, dogs, nikon, m&m’s, and red lipstick. I’m a twin, a mommy of two beautiful pups; Joey (passed) and Andi Rose. My true dream would be to travel the world – with my camera of course!

I’ve been taking photos my whole life, who hasn’t been? However, I’ve been focusing seriously on photography since 08. I dabble in all areas – or most of it.


Anyway, my life is always changing, and I continue to laugh and ¬†float through it. I’m not sure where I am going next, but I am ready for the adventure.

Karly Robin

©All Rights Reserved. Karly Robin 2012

16 thoughts on “

    • Karly Robin says:

      I used to wonder how strangers got to my page too. I just clicked on “Read Blogs” then “photography” and came across you. :)

      So, you’re welcome and thank-you! :)

  1. Hilary Hendsbee | Photography says:


    I’m so glad you finally started showing off your talent! You have a unique personal touch that you add to all that you shoot – that’s what makes you great. Keep up the great work & big congrats on landing your first wedding! If you need any tips or pointers, or wanna tag along on one of mine this summer, let me know :)


  2. Chrissine says:

    Hi Karly! What a treat to have such a talented photographer visit my blog and like my last post! I’m especially happy to now know about your blog–very inspiring! Thanks, again!

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