Happy New Year! (I guess)

I think New Year’s Eve has always been a time for everyone to look back on their past, and more importantly, how to change that past, into a better future. Maybe a start over? A new resolution; I’ve never been big on a making one.. Although, this year I’m going to try and find what I want in life. – get myself on a path of success… Everyone’s resolutions are different, some more personal than others.

I do believe I want to make some goals for myself. I have  grown a lot in the last year, but still my life is on a stand still. I want to be healthy and happy, better my education, take more photos’ and not be ashamed or unsure if I should show them, spend more time with my family, learn to love or like something about everyone, plan a trip and actually go, be more loving with my partner (boyfriend), explore my mind, take more walks, be healthier – mentally and physically, stop wasting money and my that lens I’ve been wanting. – I know it will help with my photos. (MOTIVATION), share my blog in the next “little” while. 
There are many things I need to change, want to change. I’ve never been good at committing to bettering myself. This time I am really going to try. We all deserve happiness, and I think we all with reach it one day. But, I am content with where I see myself heading.
That’s a collage of what my New Years Eve consisted of.
Let’s see where I am this time next year!

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

(all photographs were taken by me, KarlyRobin and/or given permission to distribute) please note; photos have been edited using a LCD calibrated screen, colours may differ


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