Meet Mr.Bear

Who is Bear, might you ask! Bear, is my lovely dog-friend.. he belongs to my twin sister. Bear is full of energy, loves to be scratched and most of all he is addicted to his toy balls. Bear can most certianly wear anyone out, but my love for him is huge. We drove to New Brunswick just to get him, when he was a small puppy.. he’s been in our family ever since.

If you’re looking for a prefect companion, and you’re willing to devote some of your time.. a dog is the best way to go; in my opinion. I’ve had many growing up and they are the best friend you’ll ever find. (I have one of my own, but we’ll get to her later)

I suppose why I am posting this blog about Bear, is because I’ve recently moved away from home.. I’m missing you, Bear!

Here are some photos taken over time. Some from years ago, some more recent. Maybe you’ll love him as much as I do.

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

(all photographs were taken by me, KarlyRobin and/or given permission to distribute) please note; photos have been edited using a LCD calibrated screen, colours may differ


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