2011, Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail;  In the beginning of September, Dillan (my boyfriend) came home early from work. I spontaneously suggested we go take an adventure around the Cabot Trail, pack up in the next few minutes. He thought I was crazy, but we grabbed our tent, my camera, blankets, Joey (our dog) and a cooler full of food. We were completely broke, and I figured it was the cheapest way to make a awesome weekend happen. 

We ventured around, watching the sunrise. Dillan pulled into a campground, which was vacant.. so we didn’t have to pay to camp. I laid awake all night terrified, and then we all arose at 6am, watched the waves and set out onward. We barely put a dent in the Cabot Trail, we pulled over every 2 minutes, it was too beautiful to rush through. It began to rain on our second day, which cut things short. We’ll be back in this new year.

My favorite was a beach we went to, the waves were incredible. I didn’t get any great pictures of them – as I was too ocuppied running into them in the freezing rain.

Note to self for next time;

  • take more hiking trails
  • bring more memory
  • raincoats or umbrellas
  • make sure Dillan has his own photo taking device
  • bring better food
  • pack a hairbrush
  • take more photos
  • spend more time exploring

Anyway, here are some photos we took. Dee took all the photographs I am in.

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

(all photographs were taken by me, KarlyRobin and/or given permission to distribute) please note; photos have been edited using a LCD calibrated screen, colours may differ


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