What Valentines Day Means to Me!

Happy Love Day, blog readers &friends, (I know my blog is suppose to be about my photographs, but this is a story I felt like sharing on my blog)

10 years ago today, a mentor, teacher, lover, brother, son, husband and friend left this world. I was only 11 years old, but in that instant Valentines Day had changed for me.. well, at least the way I saw it.  (I am not going to use actual names in this blog)

I was swinging on the swings at my elementary school, when someone ran up to me.. and said “Mr.H”, had died. I stopped what I was doing, and all I could feel was sadness, and that this person had to be lying. When my mother showed to my class, I knew it was true…. He was my Tae Known Do instructor, and a man I admired. He died when his plane crashed, that he was flying, and he was alone. I always wondered what went through his mind in those last moments. I pretend he was thinking of how much he loved his life, and that he was okay with leaving.

I remember watching him and his new bride… and how I wanted to be loved the way he loved her someday. When we all gathered together to remember him, someone read the card he left for his wife.. at the end he said “you complete me”. I cried because, right then and there I realized what true love was.. I felt some of the pain she must of been feeling..  I watched her for many years fall apart since his death. I can only hope now she gets through everyday with a smile and remembering the love they shared.

So, for me.. Valentines Day is a day of love, a day of remembering, and the day I learned what real love was.

“To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die”

Even though today was a little sad.. I do have a valentine to call my own, and his love is good. This is what I woke up to this morning;

a panda will always win my heart!

white roses and peonies are my favorite!

My birthday is coming up. ( I got a pretty sweet present) – you’ll hear about that soon.

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved


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