I Love You, Doggy!

This blog is going to be focused on my companion &best friend – MY DOG, Joey! Joey is a Bichon Frise, she came into the world on May 8th, just about 9 years ago. When we brought her home… we were instantly close. Joey is VERY adventurous, playful, funny, proud, a diva.. yet she loves to get herself into a mess and she if my favourite cuddle partner. I’m a totally sap for animals.

This past summer we had a big scare.. Joey rushed out the door when the post man rang the doorbell… she headed on a little travel with another dog. – they made their way all the way to Main St. (our downtown in Antigonish) when a man and woman took her. Joey was gone for 5 days, living an hour away from her real home. It was a miserable time, and I wasn’t so sure she would be coming back home to us, I didn’t give up hope though. Fortunately, with the pleas of myself, friends and Facebook world, they came forward. I didn’t ask any questions.. Dillan and I just hopped in the car to her. I hardly recognized Joey at first, (her hair was shaved) but, when she crawled into my arms, I knew it was her and that was where she was suppose to be. We keep her extra close nowadays. We’re planning to live happily ever after in Dartmouth for the time being – so far, so good!

I love taking photos of Joey. – she has hilarious facial expressions!

Meet Joey, everyone;

Growling at her daddy; Dillan!


Smiling for the camera!


my favourite of the 4! Princess!

planning on buying a backdrop, so I can do actual portraits to frame!

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

If you want some photos done & you’re in my general area, I’d be happy to do it for FREE! I’m trying to build a better portfolio, you would be doing me the favor. Go HERE!


4 thoughts on “I Love You, Doggy!

  1. adinestorer says:

    I love her smile in the second pic – but I do like the yawn too! The pink of her tongue while everything else is sort of desaturated. Did you get that backdrop yet? I’d like to see what you do with it!

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