Late Evening Nature Blogging!

It’s late.. well, relatively.. it’s about 1AM. I’m not feeling sleep right now, so I thought I would write a blog.

I have been going through all my photographs lately.. there are a lot I’ve neglected. I came across a quite a few nature shots, figured I would share a small portion of those next. I really love the out doors.. my family is from the country, so maybe that is why. I have always been drawn to animals, flowers, trees and water.. I think nature is beautiful, and what happens daily is incredible. Throughout the next while I’m sure I will be posting more photos’ of nature and landscapes.. I’m just waiting on our car to get up and running again.. then let the photo adventures begin.

I’ll write underneath the photograph(s) to say where they are taken. I hope you all had a lovely day!

This photo was taken on our long drive through NewBrunswick for a music gig this past summer. These flowers were everywhere. — we stopped on the side of the road to stretch our legs, and the flower was just growing there by itself.

We were walking on paths through the yard of my boyfriends family home one summer in Monastery, Nova Scotia. There are a few of these trees, I love their white flowers. There is a huge one on the lawn that I can’t wait to watch bloom this spring &sit under this upcoming summer!

SQUIRREL! This little fella came running towards me when I called to him in Montreal, QC. I thought it was amazing as squirrels’ tend to skittish and shy in Nova Scotia! It was a great moment in my life, as I never thought a squirrel would willingly want to make friends with us.

Friendly hellos! Montreal, QC

Sweet dreams wonderful friends and fellow bloggers..

That is all,
Karly Robin

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