B&W Wall Fun!

OK! I know it’s been a little bit since my last post.. and it is because I didn’t have new photos to post. – a few times here I’d go through older photos and put up a blog about them, however, I want to start using newer photographs.

A couple weekends ago I came home for a visit.. some friends and I drank, &well since I had a new lens pictures were taken. I feel they turned out pretty cool.. – as I don’t have a backdrop yet.. we just use the plain wall in the apartment. I’m impressed with these, because we were just fooling around and they turned out great. (IMO) the photos are really bright.. that is something I’ll have to work on.

I’m home again for the week.. I plan on getting lots of photos’ taken in that time.

Here are some of the pictures we took:

 Sisterly Love! Tori & Barbara Cameron
Tori & Barb (Barb trying to look shorter)

Me & Tori (this one is too bright) Taken By: Barb

Self Explanatory!

That is all,

Karly Robin


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