An Arts Campaign

Today a girl I went to highschool with sent me a direct message on Twitter asking if I would take photos of her around the STFX Campus, as she’s running for Councillor for the Arts program. Her name is Emily Ives and is finishing her 3rd year at St.Francis Xavier University… I’m sure Emily will go on to do great things.

Naturally I was just sitting around my moms home, and said “what the hay, why not”.. Good practice for portraits, and it would help keep me occupied. Around 2pm this afternoon I met Emily at the Bloomfield Center.. & we ventured around campus. We only took about 25 shots, but she wasn’t too fussy. Here are some of them:

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

If you want some photos done & you’re in my general area, I’d be happy to do it for FREE! I’m trying to build a better portfolio, you would be doing me the favor. Go HERE!



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