A week with the “family”

I spent the last week and three days at home in Antigonish. Dillan flew to Fort Mac for a show the past weekend, so I decided to go for a longer than anticipated visit home. (I’m not one who likes to be alone often). It was a fairly relaxed time, I didn’t do much ‘as usual’ but it was nice to be home. I was with all our crazy animals for the most part. — My mom wanted photos of her ragdoll cat Pablo.. so I had some quality time trying to take photos of him. Pablo does not like to stay still &would prefer to play than pose for a photograph. – which is understandable as he’s still a kitten. We got quite a few photos that turned out and mom liked.. I’m only going to show 2 or 3 on here..

Also.. was photographing my moms sheltie Sky, she however is hyperactive and never stays still — never!! Sky gets excited when any attention is directed towards her. There was Joey, and Bear, too! – we can’t forget them. Here are a couple photos of my animal family… who are oh so lovely and full of personality!

That is all,

Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved

If you want some photos done & you’re in my general area, I’d be happy to do it for FREE! I’m trying to build a better portfolio, you would be doing me the favor. Go HERE!


6 thoughts on “A week with the “family”

  1. Tammy Blondon says:

    Love your photos ! I have always been into photography as well. Animals are so fun to photograph, and trying to capture their personalities. Pablo is gorgeous. In case you don’t know who I am, I am Ginger’s new Mom. Your Mom told me Ginger’s birthday was in March, do you know what day ?

    • KarlyRobin says:

      Hello Tammy, I believe Gingers Birthday was in January.. on the 7th. I might have it mixed up. – you could double check with mom. Hope you and your animals along with little Ginger are doing well. Joey misses her chewing on her ears!

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