My Easter Creatures.

Hey hey all. I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter weekend, wether if it was with family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend yourself or just your favorite pet.

I spent mine with my lovely partner in crime, Dillan and of course the wonderful Joey, we visited home to both of our mothers. Two dinners in one day, with way too many desserts. & lack of sleep. It was great to be home… I miss it already.  However, our Dartmouth home is nice too, so.. we’ll be happy here for now.

Here are some more pictures of the little creatures we spent Easter with. (I’m so sorry, if you’re all getting tired of seeing my pets) – I did photograph a family Monday afternoon, I may post those at a later date.

Thee incredible Baby Joey, although… not the best photo, I can never leave her out.  – This was when she first saw the new kitten (Panda) she couldn’t be happier.

Panda snuggling with his new teddy-bear.. he’s the puuurfect size for Panda’s little paws.

Bear is always putting his nose in my face!

My Abbey-boo, taking a  minute from studying weird organisms of the ocean.

Taking a turkey-nap on Uncle Ricky!

Our niece-puppy little Rosie. – Always causing trouble!

That is all,
Karly Robin

© All Rights Reserved


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