Instagram Fun!

I’m heading down home today, to Antigonish. My baby girl (puppydog) has been sick, and I prefer to take her to a vet she/I am familiar with. I’ll be leaving behind the rest of my little family, but I girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Since I’ll be home, for however long.. I am sure I will have some more photo opportunities and a photo blog will be coming again very soon.

I recently got an iPhone and fell in love with Intsagram. Although this isn’t my best photography, the phone does capture some good quality images (for a cellphone that is). I figured I’d share the fun photographs.

That is all,

Karly Robin

©All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Instagram Fun!

  1. Eugene Sullivan says:

    Love the pictures, keep sending them. The way name is signed on the photo’s is very creative, looks great. Kepph up the good work…Uncle E

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