Mitch & Kristan – Wedding!

Hi, fellow WordPress bloggers, strangers and friends whom might be reading this.

I’ve been neglected this blog/webpage and just posting my photos in general. We’ve/I’ve been trying to get my life on track.. Anyway, this past weekend I attended my cousin’s wedding in Sherbrooke. It was a small, yet beautiful wedding. &after 14 years together and two lovely babies later, they finally tied the knot.

I wasn’t the photographer, however I was asked to take a few pictures of the groom getting ready. Natually I love taking pictures.. so I did just that throughout the whole wedding. It was super difficult, as when there is a hired photographer there, you need to stay out of their way – therefore I was on the sidelines and can’t wait until I have the chance to do my first wedding, and put my creative visons to use.

Here are a few shots I took:

That is all,

Karly Robin

©All Rights Reserved

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